Mr. Mike Siountres leads the team with more than 45 years in the hospitality industry. His impeccable concern for cleanliness, service and quality control are quite evident in his operations and dealings with current Franchisees.

In addition to Mike's excellence and years of experience and knowledge, Mr. Gus Siountres who holds an Honours B.A with a specialty in H.R. has over twenty years experience in the Service andHospitality Industry as well as Municipal Recreation. Gus's high standards for customer service, administration and training is a "win-win" situation for any future franchisee and their staff.

Mr. Bill Siountres holds a BA in Economics (Hons) and a B.Ed. Bill's fifteen years in restaurant administration and his skills as a teacher have been instrumental in establishing our impeccable standard of customer service and will be valuable in the training of Franchisee's and their staff.

Capital Requirements And Time Table Item
1. Deposit/Franchise Fee - $25,000. upon execution of Deposit Agreement (Fully Refundable) prior to execution of Franchise Agreement.
2. Equipment & Furniture $90,000.00
3. Leasehold Improvements (including Signage) $105,000.00 (paid pro-rata during construction period)

TOTAL INVESTMENT = $220,000.00

Small Business Loans (S.B.L.) of up to 80% of Leasehold Improvements, Equipment, Furniture & Signage Above or: $195,000. x 80% = $156,000. (Maximum)

The above figures represent part of the cost for acquiring a Pita Factory Franchise but do not include the following estimated soft costs (needed at start-up time):

  • Opening Inventory $9000.00
  • First & Last Months Rent $7,000.00
  • Utility Deposits $2,000.00
  • Professional Fees $3,000.00
  • Financing Costs $3,000.00
  • TOTAL $24,000.00

Turn Key Total Costs of * $244,000.00 Possible S.B.L. of up to $156,000.00
Total Cash Needed By Franchisee Approximately $88,000.00

For More Information On This Franchise Opportunity Contact :
Mr. Bill Siountres at the Waterloo Store.

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